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Our family has worked with flowers for more than four decades. We believe flowers make every moment special, and can make those once in a lifetime moments extra special. We pride ourselves in bringing quality, freshness, expert design and peace of mind to our clients.

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Enjoy has been a joy to work with! Not only did they give me a deep discount, they sent a sample bridesmaid bouquet to help me feel confident in ordering flowers online. Their customer service team is highly responsive, knowledgeable (I even asked the best size vase for the centerpieces and they were able to help), and so sweet. PLUS, the flowers were gorgeous and lasted more than a week before even showing signs of wilting! I could not recommend them more. I can't wait for my wedding!

Rachel Rivest, MI

I ordered flowers for my wedding in May and so far they sent me a beautiful sample bouquet to enjoy! They have really worked with me in making the flowers just want I wanted. They have been very responsive to all my needs and questions. I highly recommend using them for any wedding/events you have. The flowers are beautifully put together and at a great price, as well as having a very friendly and attentive costumer service!

Tamisha Carter, TX

My wedding day is swiftly approaching and I could not be more thankful that I found Enjoy Flowers to take care of all my floral needs! From the moment I inquired about the wedding packages I was greeted with amazing customer service. The wedding coordinator has been wonderful to work with. I have a very large wedding party and she was very helpful in picking out which package would be of the best value to me. She even sent me a sample bouquet to show me what I would receive on my wedding day! I went with the purity collection and the bouquet I received was breathtaking. The collections are very affordable. I can't wait until my big day and I can not thank Carolina and Enjoy flowers enough!

Andrea Howell, AL

I have booked ENJOY flowers and am so looking forward to their services. Even though our wedding is 6 months away-I’m happy to have another vendor hired! The Wedding Coordinator provided great communication about the flowers, delivery and care and did this via email and phone. She answered my plethora of questions within a day! I chose the “purity” flower package, to match with my blush wedding gown and mix of earth tone bridesmaid dresses. I look forward to posting my own wedding pictures while holding these flowers grown for me!

Alexandria Schadt, NY

This incredible deal will only happen once! So, if you want a gorgeous fall wedding, filled with rich burgundy and green bouquets, this is your chance to get the Pinterest-worthy fall floral decor you’ve been dreaming of! 

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  • Share your wedding information with us

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  • Choose your vases from our partner catalog

First you:

  • Purchase your prefered vases

  • Arrange for them to arrive the month of your wedding

  • Deliver your beautiful, fresh wedding flowers

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Have it all and wow your guests with exotic fall flowers such as african proteas, velvet touch scabiosas, luminous peach garden roses & remarkable burgundy calla lilies.

*20% applies to any wedding orders of $350 or more placed before July 31st, 2018.

Now that you’ve fallen for the Bordeaux Collection… let’s fill your wedding with gorgeous greens and beautiful burgundy flowers! 

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This striking collection of burgundy and green wows with its depth and elegance!